Data Center Particle Monitoring

Dust and other airborne particulates can be dangerous to your equipment. This can be a concern in any facility, but it is of particular concern for critically-controlled environments. Airborne particulates, even those invisible to the naked eye, can cause equipment failures and downtime. Particle counting or monitoring can be used to assess contamination and requires precision equipment and specially-trained personnel.


The Benefits of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

  • Tests for hundreds of influences - gasses, microscopic particles, surface contamination, corrosion, and more
  • Identifies any potential airborne threats that may require remediation or contamination removal  
  • Proactively manages policies, procedures, and equipment implementation
  • Demonstrates the effectiveness of cleaning and maintenance processes
  • An early indicator of cooling, ventilation, or air circulation concerns
  • Demonstrates how your facility compares to ASHRAE or ISO 14644 standards

How MCS Can Help

  • MCS utilizes leading-edge particle counting equipment and specially-trained personnel to ensure precise, consistent measurements
  • Measurements count dust particles of three sizes, ranging from 0.5 to 25 microns (1 micron = 1 millionth of a meter)
  • Sample points taken in accordance with ISO 14644 methodology
  • After the measurement, MCS provides a comprehensive report that includes the test results, an analysis of the measurements, and a summary of recommendations
  • Any area(s) where particle concentrations exceed specifications are addressed through the analysis and, if applicable, steps for remediation are provided

Getting Started

A proper IAQ test begins with a thorough inspection of the data center or cleanroom. This walk-through inspection is used to identify possible areas of concern and any potential contributors. This helps to narrow or focus the testing process on what matters to your specific environment. In many cases, this initial inspection can provide as much insight as the IAQ test itself.