MCS Service Technicians

The quality of our work comes from having a well-trained, technically-competent, reliable staff. Our team is committed to excellence and reflects our values as an organization.


The average length of employment for our service technicians is more than five years. Because we have long-term employees, we can be remarkably consistent year after year. Long-term customers find the same service technicians returning each year to clean the same areas. As a result, our staff familiarizes themselves with our customer's site and can easily identify any unusual changes or potential concerns.

Drug-free Workplace.

MCS is a drug-free workplace. All of our staff members participate in a drug and alcohol program sponsored by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. In addition to random drug testing, employees must attend a continuing drug and alcohol education program each year. Beyond substance control, it is standard policy for our employees to adhere to customers' site rules and regulations, including security procedures.


At MCS, we pride ourselves on our safety record. All employees complete the following courses:

  1. 10-hour OSHA construction
  2. OSHA electrical safety
  3. First aid and CPR
  4. Lift training
  5. Voluntary dust-mask program
  6. Ergonomic safety
  7. MCS Data Center Training
  8. ICRA Certified 

All of our employees are uniformed and display company picture ID badges. Every staff member is versed in best practices for maintaining an environment that is safe for all involved.

The MCS In-House Training Center.

MCS provides on-going training at our in-house training center. New employees receive instruction at our MCS facility on a raised-access floor, not at our customer’s site.